Thief the Bat

Thief is a metaphysical being born, and given physical form, from the lust energies of Ronic. She is bisexual, and can switch between Dom and Sub, Her only goal in life is to fuck as many people as possible.


Thief has unnatural stamina and can keep going for hours and hours. She never needs to sleep. With just a wink she can bring out a persons inner lust. and is able to seduce nearly anyone she wants to. She is also able to control at least 10 Tentacles to her will from anywhere. She could also drain peoples life force but where's the fun in that?


Thief is Friends with who ever wants to be her friend. So long as they don't mind sharing. ;)


Sex, Latex, Tentacles, Boys, Girls, Anything in between, Bondage, BDSM, anything to do with sex.


Prudes (They're no fun :I No fun at all), Teases (unless they intending to really play later then its ok.)

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