Age: 35

Location: Sonictown USA of America

Species: Fox (like Fox the fox from Star Fox but not in space)

Gender: Questioning

Powers: Has one tail. Can run moderately fast for short periods. Lactose intolerance. Can crush a soda can between his shoulder blades (if it's empty). Welfare money.

Tail (born Duwad Omarsan) is an exchange student at Sonictown High and is having a lot of trouble fitting in so everyone should be nice to him while he questions his identity. Sometimes he likes to pretend he's invisible like Ronic and other times he likes to pretend he has two tails because he has phantom limb syndrome (that's not a power though that's a serious issue and you shouldn't make fun of him for it even though everyone already does). He says he could probably fly if he had a second tail and that's just fucking ridiculous that makes no goddamn sense how would that even work? No wonder he has no friends.

Even though Tail is by many accounts disadvantaged he fights hard against the evil forces of evil that everyone else leaves behind. Every time Sonic skips over a robot guy guess who's there to clean up his mess? Not Tail because he's a pacifist but he passively resists and peacefully protests the robot guys until they get bored and go home.

In his free time Tail likes to street race in the underground dryer circuit. By which he means laundromat. Every month when he gets his welfare check he puts that all into quarters and has a great time until he passes out.

It's also illegal to make fun of him because he has gender identity issues sometimes. So don't even think about doing it.

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