Scootler is a ghost hedgehog butler that works for SAxel because SAxel is rich and all rich people have butlers. He is a ghost because in life he was a very shitty butler and not a babysitter who forgot to order pizza with the money that was given to him by my mom even though he said he would do it, so SAXel killed him but upon seeing SAxels raw power and sex appeal he was moved and vowed to serve him in the afterlife so he became a really good ghost butler. The blood on his handkerchief is all the blood from SAxels enemies that SAxel gets on himself and not SAxels blood because SAxel never gets hit.


He has the power to do ghost hedghog stuff and the power to give service with a smile.


Likes: SAxel, serving SAxel, not stealing the totally large amount of money SAxels parents have and bisucits with butter.

Dislikes: Clothes that haven't been ironed.

Bootler the Hedgehog
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