Saxel THe HedgeHunk


SAxel was your normal Billionaire playboy model superhero by night with super ninja powers, this was until One day when he met Ronic The Hedgehog, Ronic told him about his quest to kill the shit out of sonic and SAxel was really moved by his tale he almost cried but didn't because he's super tough. Him and ronic did a bunch of chaos weed and became super best bros so SAxel decided to use his buff muscles and tons of cash help him on his journey.


Him and Ronic can fuse to become RAXEL and get all the power of 5 suns, he can do everything sasuke from naruto can do but better x10, like ronic he can death not without a death note, His hair is as sharp as blades made of the sharpest metal out there, he can turn in to any animal, read minds, he can fly with his one angel wing (Because his Mom is an angel and his dad was Superman), he can use the chaos emeralds to turn turn into demon SAxel and he gets to shoot a lot of lasers and gets cool claws and is really strong and can regenerate instantly.


Likes: Ronic (But not in the gay way), Boobs, pizza soda and tacos, marywuana, guns, blood, three days grace, disturbed, deviant art, girls, cash money, money cash, sweet bling, being super rich and never poor and always being able to afford food.

Dislikes: Parents that are never home that also never bring food back, Mr.Tubberts 4th grade class (except for Tom because he's cool), vegetables, evil people, not having cash and bling.


-SAxel is a master of the Keyblade among his other powers

-Everyone likes him and his parents who have jobs

-He has killed 9999999 bad guys

-His favorite color is blood

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