Race: Kush Kat

Age: 420

Location: Danksburg, Kushtown (get it)

Powers: Can grow weed in her hair, cat jumping, throws good parties



Marley the Cat is a real good girl gamer that is really cool to hang out with because she always puts out even if you're not that cool. She hates all illegal drugs because they're wrong and hurt people daily. Weed doesn't count because it's almost legal and its completely safe. No one has ODed on weed so god must be ok with it.

Marley hates the police and wishes they would all die because seriously fuck cops. Her favorite type of food is chips and she always eats original Ruffles when she gets baked and has the munchies. She loves to play Black Ops and Halo and her 360 noscope game is out of control. Marley's dad is black and her mom is a cat. That gives her super jumping like cats but also smarts like a person.

Sometimes Marley likes to mix her weed with catnip because it really fucks her up and she loves it. Marley also throws great parties and drinks sometimes but she only likes good vodka like Grey Goose and shit like that. Everyone always asks Marley about Reggae even though she's super into Speedcore these days because its better and she can prove it. She is also a Satanist but her dad makes her go to church every day because she has to confess for smoking weed even though it isn't a sin. Jesus basically smoked weed all the time when he wasn't multiplying fishes that shit's the Bible.

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