Itachi the Bat

Itachi the bat is a combinatnoin of the 3 SEXYEST guys EVURR, Itachi (from Naruto duhh), L from death note, and the GUY version of Rouge (cause I"M NOT GAY STOP ASKING).

When Itachi was a baby a evel witch cursed him eyes that can turn people to tomato soup cans. this curse has been very hard for Itachi and his been a loner and mysterious so people don't know much about him.


He has the powers of being super smart (just like L that's how he avoids being killed by the death note), super speed, flying, his shoes are also guns (that's why there's a heel), and his eyes turn people to soup cans


Itachi only has one friend who he is in love with but can be with him cause he needs to fix the curse that was placed on him as a child first.


My Chemical Romance, Anime, peirsings, purple, and being hot


TOMATO SOUP IS HIS WORST ENEMY, the colour orange cause it reminds him of soup

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