Dig was once a simple farmer cat who wnated to have fun, but then her father tried to hold her back, so she escaped her home, where she wasnt alowd to party, and broght the party to them. sum guy try to kissher, and she didnt want it, (thats you, JEREMY) so she killed him and took his hands and made gloves out of them, and she keeps the nails painted. She worked for some bunny-guy for a bit but when he insulted her prettiness she killed him too with a satan-spear and took his special pimp hat. Now sheroams the streats, and says to people, WHAT TIME IS IT while pointing to her giant clock, and if they don't answer "PARTY TIEM" shekills them. Her clock has no hands because her dad has no hands, and dig doesnt live on anyones time but her own.

SHe wears a bell on her tail an when people hear it they know tot either party or to run away, but often they leave jewelry as a good gift cause dig loves jewlery. Once she ran into yamiyugi and he didn't answer party tiem so she killed him nad took hismillenium puzzle, cause it looks better on her anyway.

Dig is a great partier and everyone loves her, the people who run weren't cool enough for her anyway, she has the power of the miliunium puzzel and can read minds, and really good at the satan spear/ giant fork. she can also fly but only if she is okay with messing up her hair. she can control plants and talk to flours and is a great listener.

LIKES: jewlrery, parties, living on her own

DISLIKES: men, kissing, hands

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